Beautiful dockable Waterfront Lot in Gated Community on Norris Lake 

The gated community of Clearwater Cove provides easy access to the 34,000-acre recreational paradise that is Norris Lake. Because 75% of the land around the lake is federally protected, nature at its most spectacular is never far away. In fact, breathtaking views seem to present themselves at every turn.

Come see all that Clearwater Cove at Norris Lake has to offer. Whether it is experiencing the beauty and recreation of the lake, viewing the abundant wildlife that call our community home, or simply watching picturesque sunrises and sunsets over the surrounding lake and mountains, paradise awaits you at Clearwater Cove.


Located in LaFollette, TN only 40 miles north of Knoxville. Lot #162 in Clearwater Cove offers year around deep water for unparalleled access to world class fishing and boating opportunities.

Build your home away from home within this private community located only 40 miles from a major city, airport, big city entertainment opportunities, etc.

Property Highlights

  • Gated community
  • Community is adjacent to the Clearwater Cove Marina on Norris Lake, with separate gated access for property owners
  • Covered boat slips offered for rent, 11’ x 28’ and 11’ x 30’
  • Swimming pool and picnic pavilion located adjacent to the docks and boat ramp
  • Beautiful sunset and sunrise views from Lot #162
  • All utilities ready and available at the property including private sewer
  • Lot is ready to build
  • Active homeowner’s association maintains the community
  • Security cameras and daily security monitoring
  • World class fishing on Norris Lake right in front of the community
  • Several marinas within a short boat ride.  The cool thing about marinas on Norris Lake is that they often have entertainment throughout the Summer.

Building in the mountains clearly adds challenges.  There usually are not easy to build lots in the mountains, much less lakefront mountain lots.  However, this lot is a bit easier than some.  There is a flat area on the top of this lot which is  very useful when placing a home.  Having a flat area at street level will likely make placing a driveway easier.  Talk to your builder to get their inputs.  Also notice some of the other homes in the area that didn't have a flat area near the street, as they often have very expensive excavation costs, steep driveways, retaining walls, and expenses that cost a lot and don't add much to  the value of the property.   You'll notice that homes in the area are built on very steep inclines, but having a flat area at street level is useful.

When looking at the photos, notice the island in distance.  Its a bit difficult to see through the budding trees, but the important thing is that this lot looks out toward the island.  You won't likely see the marina.

This is a truly amazing view.

* $258,000 asking price assumes NO broker is involved.  If broker is involved, their commission must be added to the selling price.  A broker adds no value to this transaction, if you found this property and website on your own.  Save your money.


Deep water and dockable waterfront lot.

Gated community with lots of ammenities 

Clearwater Cove Entrance

Gated Entrance

Far View of Clearwater Cove

Community Marina

The Community Pool Area

Plat View (less detail)

Detailed Plat View

Approx Location of Lot 162

Important Info About Lot 162

The waterfront lots in Clearwater Cove are steep.  You will likely need a tram to get to your boat dock just like the neighboring waterfront lots in Clearwater Cove.  The water on Norris Lake fluctuates throughout the year so the docks are floating docks.  These are important considerations when choosing a lot as they add expense to the building project.   However, as usual, there are benefits associated with the additional costs.  First, with your home being high above the water, your view is wide and long.  You won't likely notice any noise from the boats passing by, nor see the marina.  Secondly, a steep lot correlates to year-around deep water at your dock.   The water depth where a dock will likely be positioned is between 30' and 50' deep as measured by the seller in his boat.  This water depth insures you'll have plenty of water when the TVA lowers the level during the Winter.  The cost of a spectacular view is in fact costly.  Do consider the cost of a tram and floating dock in your plans to avoid any surprises.   Alternatively, one could opt to rent a slip in the marina to avoid the costs.  However, sitting on your own dock is very cool, and so is the tram. 

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