Single Family Home Lot in Gated Community
Unique Speculative Opportunity 

This might be a unique and speculative opportunity in a re-emerging community.

Red Tail is located in one of the most scenic areas of East Tennessee.  The community is located about 20 miles from Boone and not far from Wautauga Lake, another spectacularly beautiful place.    

The property's beautiful mountain scenery and Its proximity to Boone is what makes this a  speculative opportunity.

Red Tail was a gated golf community that per the local newspaper has evolved through bankruptcy and 4 owners. 

 The current owner acquired the property out of bankrupsy at the end of 2012 and has made many capital improvements since then.  A few years ago Red Tail promoted itself as the having spectacular scenery as viewed from the holes on the golf course.  There is no doubt, It truly is a scenic place.

However, it seems that yet again there is need for a change of course.  The golf course and restaurant are currently closed.

The owner has stated that he intends to create a unique community of homes.  "IF" that happens, its likely that the properties inside the development, like this one for sale, will escalate.

Again, one could speculate that the proximity to Boone and Wautauga Lake would be attractive to many people.

A few tid-bits of info:

There are no restrictions for hunting and plenty of ATV and hiking trails! Close to Watauga Lake which is 360 feet deep and has 105 miles of shoreline. Wautauga is known as one of the cleanest lakes in the country,  Cherokee National Forest, Appalachian Trails, Doe Mountain Recreation Area is close by.  Boone, NC, Virginia Creeper Trails and Bristol Raceway! 

Call if you have interest in this speculative opportunity.


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Beautiful Entrance

About a 20 min drive to Boone, NC

Lot 12

Lot 12 close up view

The community andthe entire area is beautifl

The golf course is closed, not sure how exiting cart paths will fit into new plan

Wautauga Lake is close by too

Need More Info?    email or call:  (414)745-6257


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